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Worcestershire Beacon, Worcestershire

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Location: Malvern Hills, Worcestershire

Nearest town: Great Malvern

Peak: 425 metres above sea level

Rank: 16/48

Difficulty: ★★★

Date climbed: 21 April 2019


Worcestershire Beacon is the highest point in the Malvern Hills, which run for 8 miles north-south along the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border. There's no way to drive to the summit - the nearest parking is in the spa town of Great Malvern (pictured below, right), which lies on the eastern flanks of the hill range. Great Malvern train station sits at 85 metres above sea level, meaning the climb to the summit even from the western edge of town is at least 300 metres.

The range rises up above the flat surrounding countryside, so on a clear day (as it was when we visited) the views are far-reaching and gorgeous. Heading east as the crow flies, the next highest point of land is on the western slope of the Ural Mountains in Russia!

There are numerous footpaths criss-crossing the entire range. The paths are steeper towards the base of the hill and plateau towards the top, where they run along the ridge-lines. The lower half of the hill is largely shaded by trees while the top is more exposed. The route we took rose up out of the trees to clearing south of lesser summits, Table Hill and North Hill - a perfect spot for a picnic sitting back under the shade of a couple of trees. We (my boyfriend, Kieran, and I) then headed south and followed the ridge line as it ascended up to the Beacon's summit, which is marked by a trig point (pictured below).


The town of Great Malvern has a train station in the centre and ample parking. To get as close to the mountain range as possible, you can park in the Waitrose car park or along the adjacent road, Edith Walk. There is also a paid-for car park on this road.

Walking up into the hills from Edith Walk, there is a cafe called St. Anne's Well Cafe (pictured below), which has public toilets and a place to refill water bottles. It also sells lovely ice cream and is a beautiful spot to stop by.

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